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I am wanting to snorkel the recon. I have seen some pics of some jsut wondering if anyone has any insight and a list of materials. any help will be appreciated.

2004 Recon
25 inch mudlites
2 inch lift
2500lb winch

Yet to add
wheel spacers
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1 1/2 ID clear tube (home depot) fits right into the airbox run it under the plastics up to the fron fender, Get a 90 and run it up, drill your hole and connect it to 1 1/2 or 2 in PVC (painted black) Get a piece of flat stock steel or diamond plate and drill your hole for the pipe to fit through and bolt it to your rack for support. Simple as that. It cost about $15 and an hr to do. My boys has been done for a year now and works great.
Did you have to reroute any of the vent lines. Did you use anything to seal the air box. And how tall did you go. Did you buy chance snorkel the exhaust yet. If you have any answers that would be greatly appreciated.
Always run the 2 carb lines up and plug the bottom line. Any differential lines, run the up to. Brake lines too.. These pics are on a 500 Foreman and a 650 Rincon, but you get the jist..
In the recon forum under recon sighting there is a link to a site with some pics of a recon that has a snorkel. Looking at the pics they took all of those lines and attached them to the snorkel is that okay or is it better to run them up like the pics you sent. Just wondering what the advantage of that would be.
I have never attached them...To me, This would be more work of drilling and fitting than just running them up to the headlight pod..or handle bars. I think Robb was saying something about running them into the snorkle, but unfortunately, I can't remember what it was. As long as they are up high..just use the black zip ties and attach them to the others. Just make sure that when you zip tie them on...make a loop and turn the end facing down. Believe it or not...when I was washing the bikes, water was pooling in the lines...It was from washing, not riding. GO FIGURE..
idk if anybody cares bout this post anymore but check out my pics i did it fer 20 bucks
if you need some more pointers talk to dirty rider6104 he did mine not only does itlook awsome but it works even better
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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