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Snorkel vent lines

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I recently snorkeled my 99 foreman 450 and i routed all the lines (Front and rear diffs, front and rear brakes, fan) and i routed all of them to the snorkel but to make it simple i just combined them all under the front to make it simple and pluged it into the snorkel as one. i just used alot of 1/8 in t's i got from autozone. is that enough vent for all of that? or should i redo it and plug them all in for more vent?
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that is smaller than i would like them. if i were you i would run a little bigger than stock, you would be supprised how hot diff's can get.
I didnt think about that..... Thanks for the info. Ill route the diffs seperate to the snorkel. But what about the brakes and the fan, do you think that they will be okay all together.
you can tap the carb vent into the snorkel and not have any issues running right
QUOTE ("justinwilliamskx":2yveyqi7)
you can tap the carb vent into the snorkel and not have any issues running right
NO, DO NOT DO THAT!!!! It will create a vacuum and flood the bike. ANY carb line MUST be run seperately.
ya ive heard that can happen so i routed it seperate... got it all back to running had to redo alot of the front end (new cv boots, brakes, bearings and seals, ball joints) but got it all running and took it to the lake and backed in in and played around a little and when i was done there was a litttle bit of water in the airbox which i think came in around the lid... i put a bead of silicon around the lid and let it dry over night and then put it on. is there a better way to seal the airbox lid? di electric grease? marine grease?
i just put dialectric grease around it and have had no problems i had an old rancher and i put silicone around it and it worked great except for the fact that i had to pry the lid off to ever get into the box again.........i would just use dialectric grease it does the job and the lid still comes off easy..........also meangreen do you have the edl's all the way around? if so how does that work i would think that they dig way to much in the back
alright ill do that and try it out when i get a chance... and yes i have EDL's in all four corners, but i didnt buy them and put them on it, they came on my dads bike when he bought it on ebay, so i took them off his because he didnt need them, but ive only had them for few months and never taken them in any deep mud so i couldnt tell you how they do, but the back tires are worn pretty good but still have about 1 1/2 inch of tread left on the back and a full 2 inches on the front, ive put them on and did some trail riding and went thru some light mud but the 450 doesnt turn them as well as i would like so i want to get some 27" mudbugs and a hmf utility, and a oem 135, i already have a k and n filter and a free flowing snorkel. Would that turn the 27" mudbugs? How does yours do with EDL's on the front? Turn them well? First i want to get the pipe and jet and then tires later i just dont have the funds to get it all. would that turn the EDL's with a hmf, jet and k and n and snorkel, and ive heard that you have to get used to riding with EDL's or you will bury them in a second. Is that true?
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back tires
Dual Snorkels
Yes with that i dont think that you will have any problems with turning them but yeah i would get rid of those ones on the back........that is very suprising to see i honestly think that that is the first time that i have ever seen that.........and yes you do have to get used to riding with the edls......i just have them on the front and if your not careful those tires with just pull you straight down.............since you already have the edl's up front instead of getting 4 new tires you should look into just getting the super swamper tsl's 27x12x12 in the rear.......they blow up to the same size as the edl's do and i havent had any problems with it
Where is the best/cheepest place to get the super swamper tsl's 27x12x12?
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