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snorkel still helps upside down

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went riding with joecamel and some other people yesterday and we were stopped in the creek on a back made of loose gravel, went to take off and started sliding down the back ended up fliping over on top of me in the creek, I'm 6 foot even I was standing on bottom with my helmet about halfway under water tryin to pick up the foreman off the bottom and flip it over,finally grabbed the rack got the snorkel up out of teh water pushed it back to teh bank and winched it up out of the hole, what suprised me was the fact taht the airbox only got about half full of water with none in the oil, still enough to scare a fella though
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WoW!!!! u are lucky!!!
Wow flip are you and the foreman ok?
Glad to hear that you made it ok.
wow that had to be a scare, but good job on saving it though!
the bikes fine, changed the oil and diff fluid and neither had any water in em, I will say that i'm sore from having to hold that thing up in the water until we could winch it, that thing aint exactly light
glad to see you living up to your name! You got lucky there!
yea a foreman isn't the lightest bike. i got stuck and i don thve a whinch so i had to inch it out of the hole. i was standing in about four foot of thick mud and up to my neck in water. i'm about six too.

i finally got my internet back up and going. you looked good in that creek holding it up. glad everything came out ok with you foreman. i finally made it back to work last week and it feels good to be back. i noticed you didnt say anything about the other 2 times you ended up in the water.

i think we are going to chestnut this weekend if your interested give me a ring.
haha considering i havent had a chance to get my bike out since 2 saturdays ago, I'm all for it, yea but the other two times weren't as extravagant except for maybe the fallin off of the crack in the big rocks
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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