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snorkel size

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im getting a hmf, dynojet, K&N and planning to snorkel whats better 2" or 1 1/2" and what jet?
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2" and if you are about the same elevation as FL then I think all of the guys are running the dj170.
yea 170.
I went 1 1/2 half of the way and then to a cuppler to 2 inch havent had any problems and it is much eisier to take it off and not have any problems putting it back on
alrite what would run better/ have more power. the only thing im worried about as far as 2" goes is space
Here is a 2 inch snorkle..
hey rincon650 can you get me some pics from the airbox to the front? i would like to see how you ran it along the side of the motor
Here ya go. Let me know if you want more detail...
It goes from the air box right up the right side, on the side of the gas tank under the plastic ( Picture 3 ) and comes out the plastic above the front right tire ( Picture 2 ) and up. I ran it thru the little removable piece in the front in front of the oil cooler. This way, it's a $15 fix to put it back to stock if needed. TADAAA....
alrite thanks im going to attempt to run the hose into the headlight pod first before i cut a hole in that lil piece, plus id rather not see the snorkel sticking up
Cool.. Everyone references to the fact that the snorkle is run in front of the light. When actually, it does not affect the head light. You have the 2 lower ones that shine in front of you on the ground, So you dont notice it in the way of the front top light. When you turn ( about 1 1/2 inches either way ) the light is out of the way of the snorkle and shining down the trail. Works great.
hella cool there isn't anything in the way when running it up through that little cover?

like what is that balck piece that you said was in front of the oil cooler?

would that effect the cooling ability of the cooler b/c it is being blocked?

I haven't snorked mine yet, just kinda scared of fudging it up
You get plenty of air to the box... If you just look under the front of the bike, it is self explanitory... Actually you cant mss it up..If you seal the hose from the air box, and run it on the right side, cut the plastic under the fender like in the pic and pull it thru....your done... Where can you goof up... Wish I could do it for would probably kick me out of your garage when you see how simple it is,.....
Wished you live closer...Still out of work on injury...I would drive up there and do it for you if you were a little closer...I would drive just to get out of the house...
haha how far is melbourne, fl. from here?? i may be worth it...


i will try it when i get some cash (got another bearing to replace first) if i get stuck i will show up at your house...
Brevard County...Florida...Where the Space Shuttle goes off. If you look at the state of Florida, the little bump on the east coast 1/2 way down is us... Takes me 3 to 3 1/2 hrs to travel up I-75 into Georgia... 2 1/2 hrs up I-95 into Georgia...Thats how far...
not too far

welli am 1 hr drive WEST of NEW ORLEANS! that is way too far.

i will be traveling to port canveral, fl. next summer b/c we are taking a cruise that leaves from there...we went to orlando and disney world last summer....really nice over there..
Bring your bike to the cruise and I will pick it up and snorkle your bike...It will be top notch when you get back... If you want..
I snorkeled a Recon but not running right

I snorkeled my recon but it slightly lacks off the line throttle response unless I take off the airbox cover. I live in about 2000 foot elevation now and that is when it begin the troubles. I never jetted before, is this what i need to do?

Also it is only 1 year old and smoking a lot, losing oil is this due to the snorkel or some other scarry problem? How do I test. I am new at all this. I do have an extened warrantee through Western as I recall.

Thanks all
i went to the local home depot and lowes and could only find 1.25" and 2.50" wet vac hose? whats up with that? i went ahead and got the 2.50" but it think its gonna be too big. any suggestions? thanks
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