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snorkel questions...

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just wondering if anybody can help me out here... i have snorkeled my 03 foreman and run the vent lines but im still having problems... i went through some deep water this weekend and last and it is cutting out on me... i think it may be the drain plug from the bowl of the carb but i didnt know if i need to plug it or not... when it gets in the water you can see gas in the creek does that mean the water is mixing with the gas through that hose? i went ahead and just cut a stick and tried plugging it but never tried anymore deep water... if anybody has any idea could ya let me know... thanks!
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the drain does need to be plugged when playing deep. Even though it does have a check inline it will let water in the carb.

ok man i sure appreciate it... do you think thats what it would be i mean after i get it outta the water and try and start it it will idle for a min then finally pick back up and plane out like nothings wrong could it be burning that water outta the carb or somehting? also have you ever heard of a hmf blowing the side oout of it... haha yeah sounds crazy but the side of the muffler blew bout a 1" by 2" hole in the side of it... and one more thing... i think its runnin a lil rich... what can i do to fix that?
the carb drain is a common problem when playing in water. if you look at your rear output shalf boot. you can use the holes clamp screw to plug off the drain.

The is a post in the ATV accessory's section about someone having problems with there 500 foreman blowing holes in it. HMF is trying to figure out the problem. I think he is on his second exhaust.
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