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Snorkel question

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Hey fellas,

I am going to snorkel my 01 Foreman this weekend. My question is, can I run my vent tubes into my snorkel tube?

I mean instead of running them all the way up it, or near the handle bars, would it be OK to plumb them in to my snorkel tube?

Has anybody done this?


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you can do that to your diffs, and brake tubes, but leave the carb vents out, they cant have positive pressure going to them.
I have all of my vents run to my snorkel, including my carb. Doesn't seem to create any ill effects on the carb performance. I got my fittings in the air compressor section at Lowes, just drill the hole, wrap a little teflon tape around the threads, and screw it in. You should be good to go.
robb is right about the carb vents, there might not be that big of an affect running them together but just incase i would run them the right way.
I agree with Robb.. It probably won't cause that much of a difference.. minor.. But I wouldn't chance it.. The hose is cheap and less problems run alone..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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