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snorkel probs

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i got my bike back from the shop and with a 2" snorkel all the way it wouldnt run good (it did before i brought it so im so F'N confused)so i re-did it with 1.5 all the way then 2" on the riser, as long as i face the 90 on the stack somewhat or fully forward it runs great but when i have the 90 facing me it won t run to good. i have a 170 jet, k&N filter, and an HMF. can adjusting the air/fuel mixture cure this or do i need a bigger jet?? right now i have it 2.5 turns out
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it should have ran better with a 2in, could be your jetting
i had that problem and jetting it fixed mine....i also switched to a 2.5" pipe all the way and run the 170 dynojet with pipe and k&n.....a/f screw 2.5 turns out and my needle on the 4th clip down from the top and now it runs like a beast
yea i run 2 1/2 in. hose with 2 inch pvc
QUOTE ("natedizzer":1136vt1f)
a/f screw 2.5 turns out and my needle on the 4th clip down from the top

You have to do this? I don't want to get my hands too far into it. I'm no mechanic.
this is just with the pipe and rejet, snorkel the bike boy
I can put a snorkle on a stock foreman and not have to change that stuff?
I never have, and it runs fine, if not better than with the stock intake
SWEET!!! I want to put it on before the Mud Nat's but I don't know if I will get to it or not.
bring 30$ and stop in KY on the way south
You going?
I'd love to but i aint got the change layin around
Got a street corner? LOL
yeait ran good with 2" all the way when it was stock and then i jetted and put the pipe and filter and it ran good, but when i got it back from the dealer it didnt wanna run with the snorkel, which i still cant figure out. i re-adjusted the a/f mixture screw i didnt notice if they had messed with it or not. i guess ill try again with the 2" what about the clip on the needle what does that do? i dont have the dynojet kit i just ordered the 170 jet and cut the carb spring
mine was poping and skipping when i was just putting around or in the low end of the gear at slow speed....since the needle feeds the fuel in the first parts of your throttle.....i dropped my clip down to the 4th notch and that cured everything.....i was basically getting too much air and not enough gas so i increased the gas flow by lowering the needle
alrite i re-did it again now with 2.5" shopvac hose then 2" pvc riser, it runs good from low to almost 3/4 but from 3/4 to full throttle it pops and skips, will moving the vlip on the needle jet fix this or do i need to adjust the a/f mixture screw some more, right now i have it at 2.5 turns out
ok i've drowned out enough. i'm ready to go ahead and snorkel now. are you able to get the 2in. tube run inside the bodywork. inside the side cover or under the tank or are you running it outside the body and then to the front? i'd like to keep it as clean as possible. also how does the tubing connect to the stock airbox?
I would like to know also.
ok got it to run i had a 1.5 elbow that i used to come from the rack to under the fender and i upped it to 2" and now it runs like a champ, crazy how that it affects it, i went ahead and ordered the complete dynojet kit before i did this so im gonna go ahead and change the needle anyway since ill have it

i manage to get the 2" hose to tuck by the gastank inside the bodywork ill try to get some pics up tommorro. its actually called 2 1/2 shopvac hose but its really 2". i used a 1.5 collar to go into the airbox fits perfect then i stuck a short piece of 1.5" pvc in the collar then siliconed and hoseclamped the shopvac hose around it, this makes the hose shoot up just like the factory snorkel, the i went around the gas tank to a 2" elbow going through the plastics up to a rack plate i made with a 2" threaded nipple i got at work used a 2" rubber collar w/ clamps on the bottom and on the top the 2" pvc fits in it perfect, cut to height desired then slapped another elbow on top
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here is where i ran mine....of course i used 2.5" shop vac hose so i couldn't get it to stay under the plastic but it still looks clean this way and the peices of plastic that i did cut are very cheap to replace as opposed to the fender. If you buy a shop vac hose kit it will come with pretty much everything you need
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