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Snorkel Problems

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Alright, so after the ride out at 5a last weekend I was getting water in my airbox and having to pull the plug underneath to drain it after going through anything that was decently deep.
Anyways, I just got back in from looking at all the vents/connections real close and everything seems to be tight. Anyone have any suggestions/ideas as to what it might be??? Thanks!!!
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silicone to the top of the box!
QUOTE ("Robb":2zkj9q4g)
silicone to the top of the box!
Gotcha! Thanks guys!
QUOTE ("Robb":35anjlb4)
silicone to the top of the box!

hmm just a question

wont that mean you cant open the airbox no more?

or can silicone be removed easily?
Peals off when you open it. Just seal it up again for the next ride..
to seal my airbox....i used 'plumbers puddy' ...if you go to lowes or home depot or something like that....they should know what you're talking about...or a plumbers'll seal it up real well but you can still pop the top off...

also, silicone aroudn the connection from the box to the carburator...... doing those both keeps my airbox dry and i've had water up to my handles still w/ no water in it...... hopefully this helps!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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