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Snorkel problems?? Carb adjustment????

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I put a snorkel on my 450 and it wouldnt run right I added a 2nd snorkel and it still doesnt run right I read something about adjusting the carb any suggestions would be appreciateed
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Check highlifters website & triangle atv's website. I have a triangle snorkle on my bike that I bought from Highlifter. The instructions told how to adjust the carb if it didnt run right.
i will check that out thanks
If neither of those sites help, let me know & i will see if i can find the instructions that came with mine & let u know what they said to do.
My buddy showed me how to adjust the carb needle. I tried all 5 positions but nothing really worked. Finally my buddy blocked off the one snorkel and half of the other and it woked. Its like it was getting too much air so now it runs good except at high speed then it bogs down does that make any sense???? did you have any problems whwn you put your snorkel on???
I didnt have any probs with mine, just adjusted the needle & it has ran fine since. It does seem like its getting too much air, u could try putting a jet in the carb that allowed more fuel to see if that would help
I was thinking about getting a jet kit. I think that will be my next move.
I was having the same problem. I ended up taking mine off. Me and my brother both have 450s and we built our snorkels the exact same. His works great mine didn't. But he has a HMF pipe and jet kit. I think thats the reason his worked.
i know i dont have a 450 but i have a jet kit, not even sure what the guy jetted my bike to when he rebuilt the top end of my motor, but it is jetted and has an hmf with an exhaust snorkel and a intake snorkel, and even my bike coughes at high speeds, it is very rare that it does it now that the motor has been rebuilt when it does cough im like WTF is wrong with it now, but all in all i think it may have something to do with the wind or the weather somewhat, if it does cough at high speeds, does it cough at high rpms also? i know before my engine work was done it would cough out at high rpms and i had a 90 degree elbow pointing backwards and i went and got a 180 degree elbow and stuck it on and no more coughing out, you may try that just to see if that makes it stop at all or become less frequent
everything thing is good except the high speed rpm thing. It actually bogs down at high rpms in every gear I couldnt make it red line if i tried not that I would I havent tried the jet kit yet but on the plus side the snorkel work great. Ive had it real deep im gonna post some pics soon
humm the only time mine coughes is sometimes at the end of 4th gear and sometimes at the end of 5th gear
I just had the same problem with mine. I built mine and found out by process of elimination that the vent coming off the top of your carb. has to be ran by itself. The second i took mine off and reran it i had no problems and didnt have to readjust anything.
I also had that same problem at first, but now the carb vent is run separately???
what size hose did you use? and what size is the snorkle tubing. i had to reduce mine from 1 1/2 to one inch.
i am using 1 1/4" tubing. with the 1" tubing does it run good at high speed/rpms? Do you have a jet kit?
nope no jet kit. my bike runs perfect accept for when im at a low idle speed and pop the throttle, itll kinda bog down on me but comes right back up. ill have to post a picture as soon as i put them on my computer. i used all 1 1/2 pvc for my snorkle and a reducing 90 from 1 1/2 to 1inch
hook it to some rolling weight like a mid sized truck, attempt to pull. and make adjustments, u may need to file the top of the neadle too. i did mine is set to run 6k above sea lvl and im in maine. it pulls and has not bogged since.
We had to taper down the snorkle on ours too. Also, when hauling it, put a bag over the snorkle or turn off your gas because otherwise you will end up with an airbox full of gas.
yea just get a cap for the end of ur snorkel, i cant tell you how grate they are and easy to remember to use it, when i travel i run the gas out the line and put the cap on the snorkel and turn the gas off and have had no probs so far, a friend doesnt run the gas out or turn it off at all and we got to the lease one morning at 4am ready to go get nasty and hits airbox was full of gas and i told him to run the gas out and turn it off from now on and he has ever since
A cap is a good idea....I just use a plastic grocery sack and a rubber band.....a cap would be easier and not quite as ghetto!
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