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Thanks for the input, but I have a slight problem with mine when i give it full throttle it wants to choke out, it will stay in the high rpm's but it will studder???
The solution----on a 500 with a snorkel, jet kit, and a exhaust ...its helps to have your snorkel 2 inch all the way. The problem is that not enough air can flow through the 1 1/2 when full throttle is reached thats why your bikes are cutting out...(mine does it also), Now i know its much easier to come out of the air box with 1 1/2...but as soon as possible 2" needs to be used. I tried just converting my Riser to 2" and that helped a little but it still cut out on the top end. So i am in the process of converting mine and im sure it will run alot better with 2" all the way ....I this helps you guys
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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