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snorkel help

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I just installed my snorkle and i used a 2 inch shop vac hose and run along the side and up to the rack because i didn't want to cut a hole in my plastic quite yet. My problem is that the motor melted my hose just a little. Is their anything i can put around the hose to keep it from melting or would it just be best to just redo it using pvc.
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i think most of the guys on here that use PVC dont have anything around it to protect it from the heat of the engine, but i do.
i used PVC and then i wrapped it in fiberglass heat tape.
it seems to be working fine for me. i'll be able to put some pics up next week if you would like.
i used some fire hose and wraped around mine.
i used some hard pastic and wrap it up with black tape
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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