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snorkel help!!!

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i want to make a snorkel for my 400 96 foreman . i looked in the how to do section will one of them work on my bike .or do any of yall got a link to a website that can show me how to make one.
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The setup that Dirty4Man used on his and his wifes bike works great and is easy to do. I had to go under the plastic and thru the fender because I have a control box for the winch in the way if I ran over the rack as he did. Cut the stock snorkle and use it to attach a piece of rad hose with the same diameter and shape you need. I went behind the parts counter at a local auto parts dealer and just looked for something that would fit and cut off what I needed.
Attached this to a piece of 1 1/2" ABS pipe and trimmed the plastic to run this to just in front of the shock. Glued on a 2" to 1 1/2" reducer and a 2" 45. A rubber 90 then connects this to a 2" pipe that screws into the rack bracket with a 2" threaded adapter. This rubber piece makes it easy to fit and easy to remove for service. The rack bracket is just 2 threaded adapters glued thru a hole in a piece of alum checker plate. You can make 1 or more risers of different lengths to screw into the bracket.With this setup bike ran great with no adjustments to the carb.
You can see pics here.
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Thats because I spend more time backing up in the mud holes to go back for the Suzuki's , Polaris' and AC's I ride with!(i would insert smiley here if I knew how)
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