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snorkel dillema

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kk just put on my triangle atv snorkel and had the mechanic of the shop by my place re jet thing goes awsome but if in to high a gear it bogs and sputters and had a friend on the back of the wheeler going through some mud thick stuff in first and started to bog and lurch dont know if it is too lean or to rich we filed the needel to get richer cause was way to lean, also getting the magic box tommorow hopefully to boost the spark and power a little more dont know if this will remedy the prob
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i got the same problem need some help bad i got a 135 jet with the hmf but dont feel like taking the carb apart 7 times to figure out if its lean or rich
check your plug. i put a new plug in it ran down road shut it down and pulled plug. the color will tell you if it is rich or lean. im cant remember which color is rich and which is lean. do a search and youll find out.
Sooty black is rich,white is lean. Tan is the ideal color.
i jus got my jetting pretty much perfect, i moved my needle one slot down

took wheeler to shop hooked it up to my truck and tryed to pull bugged down so we took the setting from my dyno jet kit the one for 6000ft and put it in cause it was to lean readjust ed everythging now runs fine allso got my magic box from go to rhino link and look under performance is like the second thing down boosts spartk and makes more power by making the engine charge at a constant rate now the thing is kicking out in fourth and pulling up on me when i shift hard for 100.00 i think it is a good deal cheaper than the icat at 200
does it really make that much of a power difference like torue wise cause i dont wanna spend 100 dollars on somethin that maybe gives me a little bit of torque alos the one on that rhino website fits the foremaN also is it hard to install sorry fer all the questions jus dont wanna get ripped off
whats a magic box?
it makes the voltage stay at a constanrate instead of 11 to 15 volt variation faster start up better milage throtttle response and yes it is a universal kit just conect to the pos and neg of battery
haha....ask the ladies what the magic box is....haha
is it waterproof cause i get water to the battery all the time
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