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snorkel and exhaust questions

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I don't know much about the different mods for the atv's. I was thinking about getting the hmf pipe, but from looking at the different topics you must have to change the jetting to do so. I don't have the experience to tackle something like that and was just wondering if you have too. Also I do ride in a little water here and there never had a problem yet. Do you think I would need a snorkel kit?
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If you are just cruising around in a little water, I wouldnt go throught he trouble of snorkeling.
I rode my 500 with an HMF without jetting seemed to ride ok at best, and I noticed the pipe becoming almost red, so it was running lean. It is definatly reccomended to jet after the pipe.
My suggestion is to buy the HMF, and the K&N/Dynojet setup. For about 300 bucks, you will have a noticeibly stronger bike.
Dont be afraid of putting the carb jets in, its really pretty easy, and you dont need any special tools or anything. I thought that was easier then geting the stock exhaust off..haha.
I appreciate the advice, is the HL site the best place to find those things.
Yeah, but there prices arent the greatest. I got my K&N/Dynojet from there.
<a href="" target="_blank"></a> sells a package deal for an unbeatable price, they just dont have the pipes in stock, but if you get lucky and call them at the right time they just might. I suggest staying away from Leesons buying the pipe. They did make my wrong order somewhat right, but it was a week later. They wont be getting my business again.
thanks again
you're welcome
I think of the snorkle as a safety factor for my bike. You never know if you are going to fall in a hole that a 44 inch bogger got in and rooted out. I konw that from experiance. At least the bike will still be running while I'm trying to figure out what happened.
I figured that a snorkel is just cheap insurance. Those regular holes seem to change every week.
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