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QUOTE ("Jbruce":2gy28n0n)
Can any body tell me how easy are the MST to turn, and how well do they handle hard pack.
Not hard to turn, but the do require a bit more than my mud-lites. However my mst's are an inch wider. They ride super smooth on hard pack. I would even dare say as good if not better than mud-lites. I would highly recommend them for trail and mud. This is what I do and they seem to work great in about everything except loose gravel (got a little squirrelly in a fast turn, but no bis suprise).

I wouldn't recommend dirt devils. I like the looks of them better than most any tire, but have yet to be impressed with their performance in the mud. I pushed a friend on a girzz with dd's the same size as my mst's backwards out of a mud hole with out hesitation where he just got stuck. They seem to be a good trail tire though.

589's have also been mentioned. These I can't say too much bad about. They wear like iron which also leads me to believe they ride like steel wheels. I haven't personally experiences with them, but from what I've heard they do ride a little rough. I do know the kick tale in a mud hole. They are one of the mud tires you can still ride on the trail w/o rattling your teeth out.

Someone also mention big horns. Are you serious? These are trail only tires.

Can't say much about the swamp lites or mud bug radials. The original bigs are supposed to be real good in the mud and no to shabby on the trail either. However I haven't had any personal experience with them.

If it were me I would go mst's or bugs. I got my mst's b/c I got a good deal. I almost bought bugs, but I couldn't find them cheap enough. They seem to be fairly equal from what I've read on high lifter forums.
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