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Smooth ride

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OK on the rincons the shocks are more horizontal than vertical but i think the perfex makes the shox go vertical right? I sketched a quick picture of what im talking about. the left side is the perfex way the right side is the rincon way. Shox are red. Now the rincon is supposed to be one of the better riding bikes. So which way do all of yall think would be the best?
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thats a hard call its abetter ride anyways because i believe you have independent rear suspension dont you???? compared to the foremans straight axle in the rear
im starting on a project bike and was wondering which way should i put the shox on it. So right now there are no shox.
i heard the rincons suck with power.

i saw one the other day with a huge lift on it with 14"rims and looked like some first gear he pinned the throttle and it sounded soooo bad like it was going to die out and he barely moved. and that was WITH a jet kit hmf exhaust and all the power mods. i rode circles around him.
its better if they have some anlge and not start up and down...
2 words(possibly misspelled) ... macpherson strut
if your that good with a grinder/welder that the front end off a ol' P650/700 and put in place of the a-arms. that will give you the pretty much stright position the the shock.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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