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Smoking Rubicon

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I need some advise. I picked up an 02 Rubicon that has been sitting up for over a year. It only has 1200 miles on it, but it smokes pretty bad. It doesn't look like it was sunk or mistreated. Runs great, transmission works good and no codes in ECM. Is there anything I can try to free stuck rings before tearing down the engine?
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you could try to run some sea foam threw it....(gas additive)
Should I put part of the "Sea Foam" in the oil? Will it hurt the transmisson?
i dont think you should put it in the oil.i would just run a half a can w/ a full tank of gas.i use it on cars all the time to free up those applications you can just put a intake vaccuum line into the can,and let the vaccuum suck it into the intake.
Thanks, I'll give it a try.
tell me what your outcome is!!!
I put the Seafoam in the gas tank, started the engine and took a ride. About an hour into the ride it wasn't smoking a bad. I'll run out this tank of fuel and if it still smokes, down comes the motor. Thanks for your help it was worth a try.
anythings worth a shot at that point....maybe it will buy you some time...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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