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smoking like a freight train

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OK i know i need rings but is there anyway possible i could get the warranty to cover it? My dad told me if warranty didnt cover it i would just have to ride it smoking and carry 4 quarts of oil with me. I need lik a cover story or something like that. I changed the oil and it wasnt milky i hadnt sunk it or anything it just started smoking going down the road. the filter i took out like caved in. Also while i was riding it when it started smoking it sounded like the valves needed to be adjusted again, but i had that done like 2 days before this happened. i heard that that means theres no oil getting to the topend. Im kinda mad about the hole deal because i didnt drowned it. It just started smoking. If i was having fun and drowned it that would be a whole different story. Anyways ill try to get pics of the filter onj here tomorrow any "lies" would be helpfull on how to get Honda to fix it for free. I might just need to work on getting a BBK.
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OK i thought about it some more. If anyone knows of a big bore kit for these just tell me please give me the sights you found them on so i can get a price in mind.
I dont know anyone with a big bore kit. Does the bike have an extended warranty? If so, and you really did not sink it, then take it to honda, they should cover it as long as they do not find any water in the motor. You might have to fight with them a little.
If your oil filter had caved in then there was more than likely the problem. What is a Honda filter? If you didn't sink it and it truly just started doing this like you said then it SHOULD be covered under warranty. Sounds to me that maybe your filter slowed down the oil and it couldn't get to your top end. I would not go down without a fight on this one!
ya if u didnt sink and i whould take it in to the honda shop if and dont go down with out a fight..cuz it will be costly if u have to pay for it..
you didn't put the oil filter in backwards do ya?. This will cause the oil filter to cave in from the pressure but it won't do it soon enough and will cause you to starve the top end. Better make sure all that is in the right way before you take it to em. cause this sounds like what you did.
no everytime i change my oil i make sure that the filter is in right and the seala are good. Also i check the oil everytime i ride so what gives i honestly think that the filter made it do this. Do you think i should put the filter thats caved in and tell them that i dont know what happened just fix it. would they beleive that and yes it is a honda filter. I might put it in there and just tell them that it started smoking i didnt sink it or anything i was going down the road would they beleive me for sure. Because really thats what happened.
ok, clean it up really good. Make sure the the air filter isn't dirty, make sure there is no water in the diffs and i mean clean that thing up to were you can literally eat off it. If you have a new oil filter put it in there, make sure there is fresh oil in it. Make sure there is nothing like dirt or water in the gas take it to the honda shop and tell them you were out just buzzin down the road about third gear and the person you were ridin with noticed smoke was startin to come out the exhaust, and by the time you got it back to the house it was smokin like a train. Tell them you just changed the oil in it and everything was fine, as far as you new. That way when they check for a backwards filter or a broken filter they won't find one and they won't see any signs of abuse. Thats what i would do
That sounds good to me. Now if i mislead any of yall im sorry bgut i did sink it like 2 or 3 months ago that couldnt cause this could it?
QUOTE ("yellowbeast":3ts5sfzb)
I changed the oil and it wasnt milky i hadnt sunk it or anything it just started smoking going down the road. the filter i took out like caved in. .

I SERIOUSLY doubt your warranty will cover it. If you meant your air filter "caved in" then it was too dry or needed replacing, and is probably why your wheeler is smoking. It likely sucked dirt through it and now you need a top end job.

If that's the case then your warranty won't cover it. The first time you EVER put your Honda in the mud or water you can pretty much kiss the mechanical part of your warranty good-bye.
oil filter not the air filter. If the air filter had caved in i would have told them that i bought one a while back put it on and their supposed to come pre-oiled i guess there was a manufature error. i think that they will cover it or they can shove it up their A**
if youve had it any mud at all the warrent ywont cover it.but do like i did mine when the front output shatf went out in mine.i stirpped all the plastic,pressure washed it real good.put the plastic back on and took it to the honda place and they covered.also if u have a lift,snorkel,tires etc they wont cover it because they know it has been abused
ill try to get a pic on here soon.
i havnt been able to get any pics up. I think im going to put the old filter in it and take it to them and see what they say about it.
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