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Hey guys If you sunk it you may still have some sludge in the bottom of the motor.Drain the engine oil and pour 2.5 quarts of gasoline in the filler hole( DO NOT RUN THE ENGINE ) and wash the gunk out.You probabbly wont get it all but it will get most of it.The smoking problem however is probably not directly related to sludge in the engine.If the cylinder was not bored correctly when you had it done it will smoke very shortly after the rebuild.If you pull the engine apart again check the cylinder walls see if there are any places that are dark on the sides.If so the cylinder is still out of round and this means the rings are not in contact with the cylinder 100% of the time .This spells problems ,there must be no more than 0.004 piston to cylinder clearance if there is more it will smoke.Hope this info is helpful.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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