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Smokin blue, what should I expect to pay for new rings/stems

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Just bought an 01 Foreman from a dealer (my first machine). Took it out for the first ride yesterday and the thing blows so much blue smoke I can't see or breathe! Power output seems good. Climbs without hesitation, purrs like a kitten at idle but smokes under load. I made a personal pact that I would do all mechanical work myself because I'm eager to learn but I think this fix could be a little more than I can chew so early in the game. I contacted the dealer I bought it from and he gave me the "buyer beware" lecture. Makes me mad but I guess he's right.
I assume I'm gonna need a top end rebuild. Or at least piston rings and/or valve stem guides/ seals. Can anyone give me a ballpark cost estimate. Also, should I consider having it bored out?
Greatly appreciated,

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Sometimes people that have swamped there bikes will throw a fresh set of rings in them and trade them in for a new one. Not saying this is your problems. But I would at least pull the clutch cover off the front to make sure the bottom end is not full of mud or sand.

Your looking at around $250 for just parts on a overbore, piston kit and top end gks. kit. I would hate to see you spend the money on a topend rebuild and it start smoking again in aweek or so. I would also sujest a manual if your planning on doing the repairs yourself or at least borrow one..
How long have you had it? You should have been given at least 30 day warranty.If it were me i'd play hard ball !
Allhonda is right, I didn't even think to ask how long you had it. Unless it was stated on the paper work, bought as is. I would go through all the papers to see if it states anything on it.
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