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smokin already!!!!

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i just bored out the motor and it started smokin about 12 hours of riding!!!

what could it been now????? its blue smoke and when the shop fixed the clutch plate. and i checked the oil all day and it looked fine then it started smokin and i checked it and it was already black and low a hole quart of oil, now its got a tick and it smokes i think the rings are bad already. what do yall think?
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u need to get a new shop!!!!u are having alot of troubles... i would be so pissed if i were u... i dont know alot about mechanical things but im sure somone here does!!!!
Ride it till it quits! And I mean until it will not move anymore at all then go out and buy you a new one. Or just trade the one you have off or sell it, seams like to me you may just have a lemon. Just my $.o2.

LEMON IS RIGHT!!!! i might trade it for the truck on 44's but i will still break stuff but what the ****! i tired of fixing this thang. ill fix it and sell it!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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