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Have a 2002 450 just started smoking has 8000 miles on it never had a problem.Pulled the head and oil was on top off the piston. Rings,piston and cylinder look good must be valve seals will also replace rings anything else I should be concerned about
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even if the cylinder looks good I would still have it checked out. 8000 miles is alot. I am in the process of rebuilding my 01 foreman now, only 1200 miles. The cylinder was alittle out of round close to top and had low compression.

My recon smokes blue after only about 1 year. How do warrantee companies know if it is covered or my fault for getting water too deep of water? could it be a defect?

How can you check - with a commpression guage?
How loing can I get away with buring oil

I don't have many miles on my recon but it is already buring oil. I can't afford a major fix right now, how long can I burn the oil until something bad happens? I can't rely on my warrantee to pay for the costs and just my luck they will tear it down and say it is my fault.
ive burnt up the rings twice on my recon and it only took about 2 weeks each time to blow the bottom end, my advice is dont ride it at all while smokin
well i rode my recon for 200 miles and it smokes bad , i just add oil every ride and dont ride it wide open to long. when you do the top end i would remove the motor and clean the engine with 2 gallons of a solvent and then remove the cooler and clean it ,there is clutch grit - mud - metal -etc in the case , since the recon doesnt have a filter you need to clean it out. then do the top end rebuild.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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