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And I'm not talking about Tony Stewart. I have changed the oil 2 times now (after sinking it again) and now it's blowing some smoke while reving it up, but not while idling. Should I worry about it or should I trade it off???
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if it was sunk, it take more than 2 time to get all the water and trash out. It can take up to 5 times or even more depending on how bad it was. What does the new oil look like?
It had just a little bit of white in it. I'm going to change it at least 2 more times. After a change is just letting it idle for a while good enough and then changing it again? Or do I need to go ride it and get it good and warmed up?
i would get it warmed up good. and if it still smokes then it might be time for a big bore kit
the rings are burned, you prob have to replace them, but maybe you dont have to bore it.
QUOTE ("fireman11":3aufum9u)
the rings are burned, you prob have to replace them, but maybe you dont have to bore it.
My rings are fine it don't do it anymore. I think it was just cold enough to make it look like it was smoking.
If you don't put a snork on that thing I'm gonna start slappin' you around big_daddy.............................
Who's your big_daddy? LOL
Sorry i had to say that
you still havent snorkeled that thing have you, you really should be smackded with a brick stick
**** guys! LOL This post is from the last time I sank it, way back in oct. I want to snorkle it but again I don't want to. I don't want to think I can do the things you guys do because I'm not that talented! But sometimes I get too rambunctious and "find" a hole and sink it. Wont I have to rejet it after a snorkle it? I don't want to rejet it until I have my hmf.
big snorkel and no rejet, and it runs better now than when it was stock intake, waitin till i buy an high performance kit to rejet
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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