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sluggish 500...

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i put a custom snorkel on my foreman 500.. thanks to mudlabspecialist for the recipe.. but after about 3weeks with the snorkel on, it started to feel alittle sluggish. I thought it was the snorkel restricting the air some. Didnt rejet quite yet. Pulled the stock spark arrestor off and the screen was 95% clogged with mud... hum, wonder how that got there? (thats what happens when you get a snorkel i guess?) but i cut the screen off and cleaned it up really good, so when i get home im goin to put it back on and see if that was the problem... i hope so! the bottom half of the power band was still there it was just the top half just seemed like it didnt want to rev... to me it sounds like this is goin to be the problem.... Later guys!!!
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Sometimes its just nice to talk about your problems......
yea,, i got the ole hacksaw and snips and well there is no screen anymore.. and im goin to drill some holes in the sides of the baffle...
You will not feel any noticable gain by drilling holes in your baffle. May even be worse and it will definetely sound like crap.

It may be your jetting is off now because of the extra added air (which means your a lil lean)

Try taping off 1/8- 1/4 of your snorkel and see how it does if it still feels sluggish after putting the "modified" baffle back on. Good luck.
im gettin a QS1 or a HMF. so it doesnt really matter how it sounds... i might just go ahead and take it out? but ive been thinking, if i put a snorkel on my bike, even if close to factory restricition, it should be running rich or richer than stock. and even with just the baffle taken out, it shouldnt change it that much. im goin to check the s-plug tom.... but it dont sound bad right now, it is different though. I can def. feel the power is back now....
my 450 did the same thing with a snorkel...ur just gona have to rejet or make a cap to go over the end of your snorkel and drill holes in it until it starts running good again....just some suggestions
Question, where is the spark arrestor? Before the muffler or inside?
ok you know the three bolts on your muffler unscrew those and the peice that comes out is your spark arrester
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