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well i guess its not a good idea to let inexperienced riders ride your stuff. a friend of mine's kid has been starting out in third gear and giving it full throttle. i haven't ridden my foreman in a couple of weeks and to my surprise the clutch is slipping really bad.i loosened the adjuster lock nut and tried to turn the adjuster (very hard to move) i tried to adjust it but it wouldn't go any where. is there a trick or something i don't know? did my friend waste the clutch? well any help would be appreciated. is it hard to replace a clutch? oh yeah i have a 1999 450s...

thanks in advance
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Sounds like your clutch adjuster is almost siezed, you should first use penetrating oil and work the adjuster back & forth to get it freed up to get it adjusted right .. If you do have to remove the clutch cover it isn't a hard job ,especially on the S model ..
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