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Slight pop and sputter after filter cleaning?

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I'm wondering if anyone has an answer for this. I was cleaning up my Rubi and decided to clean the filter, after opening the cover I found it alot dirtier than expected so I brought it down to a garage and asked the guy to clean it out for me, which he did and seemed fine. I put it back in after it dried and now it pops a little bit and has a slight sputter, also it will die if left sitting at idle. All of these things never happened before this and I didn't do anything else to it. I raised the idle a little to keep it running but want to see if anyone has an idea. I also just oilled the filter slightly to see if that helps but it started to rain to I put it back together and covered it up. I'm not sure where to begin, carb, plug? Could there be water in the filter that I cant see or feel and its gotten into the carb? I ran it with the filter off but didnt seem to help.
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Properly Cleaning the air filter should only result in a better running engine.

What kind of "garage" did you take it to. An ATV's reusable foam filter is unlike anything typically found in car. What did they clean it with and how?
Using the wrong chemical can cause the foam to deterierate and lead to FOD in your carb. Did they romve the internal metal core?
Also once cleaned a tacky foamfilter spray should be applied.
What did you "oil" yours with?

This is all something you can do at home. Remove the internal metal core and wipe off if necessary. Clean the filter in warm water and dawn dishwashing liquid. Let is soak, rinse from the inside-out and use some more dawn by hand. Rinse and air dry overnight. Get some rubber surgeon gloves and wear them to work the spray lube into the filter. keeps your hand clean. Replace metal core and install sealing ring.

A clean filter leans your overall mixture. have you made any carb adjustments prior to cleaning the filter? Hopefully not. Try cleaning the filter the right way. Then maybe a new filter. Could anyting have gotten into the carb throat while the filter was off?
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