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Sleeve Question

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The shop I chose to rebuild my honda didnt use the sleeve that came with highlifters BBK. They told me that it didnt matter whether they used it or not. This shop builds a lot of high performance motors and I have seen his work on muscle cars but he doesnt do a lot of ATV work. Is it going to bother my foreman any since the sleeve waas left out? I have finally got it back together and rode it today. As bad as I wanted to push it to the limit I understand I have to be easy for at least a tank of gas then change the oil then I can cut least thats what the shop told me.
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hey man when we goina go riding? but to answer your question no it shouldnt matter much anyway all they would do is press in a almost same thickness sleeve and youll get a better compression if they do it theyre way them boys no a few tricks to get the best combination of power and reliability. trust me. Have you rode it yet? GOT POWER doesnt it
no , that guy made you sleeve very thin . the reason they use a new sleeve so you dont have to remove more then a 1.5mm off the old sleeve.
1mm is the end of honda s limit . it will run , but overheating is a big worry on a air cooled motor. what can you do ??
as Vett said you are going to have heat issues. The factory sleeve after machining is to thin to accept the big bore piston. He should of machined the cylinder to accept the new sleeve as required by H-Lifter.

If you are going to run it like it is I would recomend running a manual fan switch to help keep it cooled down.
i hate engine machinists', they are sh!t. i have seen some pretty lame excuses for engine builders but give it to a guy on a bridgeport and its perfect. the brain is a bad thing to waste. lol
lol man thank you for saying bridgeport have been thinkin of a bbk but dont know of any machine shops near by and we have stuff to do do all sorts of things to heads in school but nothing to bore but u just reminded me over in metal shop we do have a milling machine
it takes alot of work and skill to bore it out and press a new one in. good luck.
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