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Skid plates

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Hey does anybody kinow who makes a steel skid plate for a 06 500es.Had one on my 450es but can`t find one for my new bike.
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I don't know of anyone that makes the steel ones. But I will try to feed my curiousity, why do you want STEEL and not Aluminum? Everyone makes the aluminum ones. Steel would weigh an awful lot compared. But, if you really wanted steel I, along with anyone with a torch or plasma cutter can make one. I have the Aluminum Products aluminum skids on mine and could take them off and copy them in steel for a price.
Thanks for wanting to make one but the shipping to Canada would likely break me.I want a steel one for strength,atv is used for outfitting in hunting season and bounces over lots of stumps and logs.My old perfex steel plate approx 3 years old is very banged up and stretched.Looks like my only option is aluminum,how thick are they,how do they fit and how far back does it go???Thanks again
Without actually looking at mine, I believe they are in the 3/16-1/4" range thick. Mine has the bash plate also so it basically covers from the little grill all the way back to the swing arm about 5" behind the engine. I ride through swamps and run over trees alot and mine is no less for the wear. Only problem I have ran into is I "accidently" hit a stump with my CV guard and it bent in alittle to the point of slightly rubbing on my CV boot. I bent it back out with a pipe wrench and no problems since. I think HighLifter makes one and a few others do as well. Aluminum Products is the one I liked the looks and build of the most.
Who has the best price on the Aluminum Products Front Skid Plate for the 500?
Google their name and check around. I paid too much for mine but I didn't shop around that one brand.
Best price I've found, good customer service.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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