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Skid plates?

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I'm planning to buy a new Foreman 500 in the near future, and wanted to know if most of you buy aftermarket skid plates for yours or not? I used to put them on all of my sport machines right away, but is it needed on a ute? Thanks!
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I want to get the AP skids for my 500. Do you have any pictures truegrit?

I need a winch also, so I was thinking about just getting there entire package with a winch and all there skids.
What do you think?
QUOTE ("Truegrit":nqab1t6a)
I do not have pics of mine yet, but this is what it looks like. (I do not have the stick guards)

I bought the Bash plate, Skid plate and winch mount as a set (should have got the one w/ the stick guards too) and bought the Winch elseware. It it quality made and bolted on in about 20 minutes. I am very happy with them and wish I would have bought them earlier.

Did you save money by getting the winch somewhere else?

I have been looking at the Warn 3.0 and they have a kit that comes with every skid/guard they make, the mount and the winch for $730 I think it is.
I just dont know how to break it down. If I would save by getting everything there but the winch etc..
Do you have any pictures of the winch mount?
QUOTE ("Truegrit":3hkx5c0a)
My kit was around $270 (Winch plate skid and bash) I got the 3,000lb Mile Marker winch for $200. So I came out ahead of their complete kit. I really didn't care to have a Warn winch any way. I am sure you can find the Warn cheaper than it is in the kit.

Just taking a quick look, I see the Warn 3.0 is around $425.


There complete skid package that comes with the mounting plate but no winch is 340.00

The same kit but with the warn 3.0 is 730.00


I would have to beat 390 by some bit probably to not get stuck on double shipping. Im not sure I can find one for under that.

And why did you not like that winch?
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