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skid plates

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i was just wondering what are yall opinions on skid plates. are they worth it. maybe tell me where to find some cheaper ones and more durable.
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put my 2cents in. i say there def worth it. me and a friend were at 5a in the parking lot messing around on those assfault hill things. he was wheeling up the hills and came down hard on the other side and hit the mound hard. dented his skid plate but that was it. could have done a lot more if he didnt have it. also spring for the cv guards. save time cleaning yer axles if u ride through like swamp water or any water with veg. in it.
As for finding cheap get what you pay for. Aluminum products has excellent, high quality products and make skids for most applications including yours. They arent cheap but they are worth every penny.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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