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Skid Plate 500ES

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I finally got around to making up a skid plate out of 1/4" puckboard for my Foreman 500ES. I used stainless hardware and bolted it in the footwells and the stock skid plate(that is why there is four holes to access the stock skidplate bolts). Also included two pics of the hitch bracket reversal I did, way more clearance on it now. I just ground the welds joining the upper and lower halves of the hitch, mounted the bottom piece on the top, trimmed the edges off the top and rebent it to fit the bottom.
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nice work Look real clean
Can your floorboards still drain water and mud? What is puckboard?
I didn't put drain holes under the footwells because I do a fair bit of bush bashing and didn't want sticks coming up through the holes(already tore a small piece between holes). I have a large tree in my driveway I lift the front of the bike with the winch when I wash it and it flushes clean. Puck board is the stuff around the outside of a hockey arena on the walls, can get it in 1/8" and 1/4", I used 1/4" and can be bought at most lumberyards. In Canada it is about $80 for a 4'X8' sheet. Cut with a jigsaw and use a propane torch to heat and bend it. Made the templates from posterboard.
Nice job.I like what you did with the hitch.That's a good idea.The full skids look good too.
Did you have to trim the part of your fenders in the front which hangs below the foot wells, the little mud flaps?
I didn't have to trim the front flaps that hang down but it was the first thing I did when I bought the bike. That lower flap has no purpose other than to catch on every tree imaginable. Did the same on my wifes 400 and on my previous 350.
I've been debating chopping it off. Doesn't make sense to have it there. I have custom made a chassis skid from stainless steel and I am considering extending it to cover the foot wells and will have to chop those off to get the proper coverage.
I cut those little mud flaps off my bike right away too.Always caught on stuff.They cut real easy with a utility knife.
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