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Size question...

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Hi... I am planning on getting some ITP 589's on type 4 machined wheels. I was wondering if I go with 26" all the way around (26x9x12 front and 26x12x12 rear) will they fit without a lift? Everything is stock on my '04 Foreman 450 and I don't plan on doing anything to the engine. I do mostly trail riding with a little mudding. Will the stock 450 pull the tires okay or will there be a noticable loss of power? Thanks...
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you will be able to run 26" 589's fine....i run 27's on mine with no trouble at all and welcome to the site
Anybody know what the actual size of a 26x9x12 and 26x12x12 589 on a 12x7 wheel is? I realize this would vary slightly according to the amount of air pressure in the tire but, I was just wondering how much bigger, physically, the 26" tires are going to be over the stock 25" tires. Thanks again...
You will be fine with the 26's all the way around. You will definatly notice
a big differance in the performance just with the tires.
Go with the 27's you want be sorry. My old 25" vampires where as tall as 27" 589's.
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