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Silverstar Headlinghts for TRX500

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Does anybody know of any model number Sylvania Silverstar Headlights that can be used on the two front headlights on a Honda Foreman TRX500? I know the two front lights are 30W if this helps.

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The Real Jack Bauer would not need silverstars.............or headlights for that matter.

Sorry, I can't help out on the numbers, but I wouldn't mind knowing if there are any option too.

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Not much help here either the 2 lights down low have a weird connector which I have not found any aftermarket halogens for,they have a 3 terminal setup and unless you want to splice new conn to the factory harness,you might only be able to upgrade the pod light.

thanks for our freedom jack bauer
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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