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Silicone or Leak Shield for your pull Start Pros and Cons

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Iam wanted to seal this thing up before I cause some damage. I don't mind spending $60 bucks for the shield from Highlifter, but if I can put some silicone on the pull starter to seal it I might go that way. I want to know from both sides. Does the silicon start to leak after time? What silicone to use? And if that shield ever warps and needs any mant. on it either? I have read the How to Section and it looks really easy to do. I just want to know if it is better than the shield? Thanks for any help.
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Great question. I was wanting to know about the silicone like you.
i siliconed my pullstart on my old rubicon and it worked good. i had it siliconed for about a year before i sold it and it never leaked at all. it is alot cheaper than the highlifter way, i just used regular silicone on mine and i worked great.
The silicone works good,Make sure to check for a small weep hole on the bottom also.My rancher has one but not my Foreman.
I personally would not use the cover simply because I have had a dead battery before and being able to pull start is the difference in leaving a bike in the woods or driving it out.Not a good idea around here.
I sealed mine with rtv gasket maker, havent had any problems yet.
I have a question about selaing the pull start. Do you just put a bead of silicone where the pull handle meets the opening? Does anyone have a pic of what it looks like? Thanks
I put black RTV on mine too, no problems yet, save your money and use the RTV!
silicone works just fine and alot cheaper
I used the same sealant we use for intake gaskets,oil pan gaskets,etc. we call it gms,you can buy it at any gm dealer it's part # 12346141,it shouldn't cost you but a couple of bucks,if you know a tech at any dealer he should have more than plenty and should just give you a couple ten tubes for free.It's the same as the "hondabond" sealant,it works great and adheres to anything,it will even cure wet with water or gas on it.I just used it to seal my speaker tube i made as well.It's a light grey in color,the tube is white.
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