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Lets not get this thread off topic..... keep it short and sweet

I'm in
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QUOTE ("Rincon 650":1bkcc9qw)
Love to foreWOMAN...But the major knee reconstruction won't let me. Doc says I wont walk for 4 more months, and probably wont wear a duty belt for 6- 8 months... if ever again. 5th one on this knee. Take pics for me, at least I can look while lying on my back..

Took 1/2 my knee cap and shin to fix other ligaments....Sorry..
Well, that STINKS, to say the least! I guess we will excuse you then. I'll get some pictures for ya for sure! Those heavy duty belts are bad enough with two GOOD legs!!! Shane (POPO 700) has to wear one, I'm surprised ya'll don't have calouses on your hips from those things!
QUOTE ("dirtyrider6104":y7acqwlw)
I will have pictures up soon too dont really have time to do them all now ................we were going to ride with you guys on sunday but i broke an axle sunday morning about 9:00am so that pretty much ended my riding because i was surely not going to try that mess in 2wd lol............and also grizz how was 8 seconds? Did you guys end up going?
Shane rode that MESS in 2wd! He broke something late Saturday evening! But it was still fun!!! I'll be posting pictures this evening. Sunday afternoon, it got real good because it became overcast and wasn't nearly as hot, then it rained, but not real hard, it was just enough.
We've been scrubbing four-wheelers for about 4 hours now! Well, mostly SHANE has been scrubbing (only one hose)!!
QUOTE ("Rincon 650":1bkysdxt)
37 more to go foreWOMAN.... Comming up on "D" day for your name... Can't wait to find out if Robb does you right...or does US right... Ha Ha Ha.
D'OH! I didn't think about THAT!!!!!
21 - 23 of 116 Posts
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