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Showroom Foreman?

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Picking up my 07 Foreman this weekend after arranging the deal this evening at the dealer. I'm planning on taking a bike from the showroom floor.....anyone advise strongly against that? Things I should watch out for? It's not dinged up but I'm always a bit leary about "display" model items, no matter what I'm buying. Should I be worried?? Thanks!
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showroom foreman?

I can't speak for everyone but I wouldn't buy a used one myself.
Think of how they get abused. Would you want to buy something someone has beaten the crap out of?
It's not a used bike, it's a brand new bike that's sitting on the showroom floor, something like 0.3 miles on it. I'm just leary of buying "display" models. Maybe from people possibly playing with switches, knobs, buttons, etc etc.??
my brute was a display bike, a matter of fact it was the only 650i brute there. i wouldnt worry about it, before you buy it start it up and test everything out, thats what i did.
at the dealer i work at all they do is drive them into the lot to display during the day and drive them back into the showroom when we close. People don't even test ride them.
So nothin to worry about huh? Works for me. I figured if they had issues with showroom bikes, they wouldn't have sooooooo many on display for you to sit on! Thanks guys, I look forward to posting some pics.
when we bought our bike i had like .1 mile on it and it was a show room bike since the dealer is smalll and thats all they have. didnt even start the bike before the papers was signed ahave had no problems with it in 350 miles.
Mine had .5 miles on it, it was not in the show room but in their storage room what's the difference? The only reason I would not buy one of the showroom floor is that it might be scratched up from people getting on and off of it.
Thanks guys. I checked over it pretty well, no big scuffs or anything. Within a day I'll have it scuffed up but at least it will be from ME. Should have pics after the weekend.
congrats on the new ride
congrats on the new ride. u'll love it

congrats on the new ride. u'll love it

Enjoy your new ride. The bike is not scratched and you have the warranty in case of problems , showroom related or not.
If a bike can't handle a few people sitting on it and moving a few nobs in a showroom , how well do you think it will hold up in the "real world". Relax and enjoy the fact that you ride a Honda.
Thanks a lot for the encouragement. It's my first big purchase after starting my first real job. I've always wanted one, ridden many many others just never my own. It's on now! 26" ITP MudLites, stick stoppers, and rear basket rack. I also lucked out and signed the deal on the last day for the free 2-years warranty incentive, an extra 2 years on top of that was only 250 or so I think so I jumped on it...........4 years for 250? Can't beat it. Also got $200 in Bonus Bucks for the '07 model (you can get 300 on an 06) Thanks again!
Just remember on the warranty it has to be proven that it is the manufactures falt if not you will have to pay for it.
I dunno but my dealer doesnt even put fluids in the bike until you put your name down
Picked up the bike this morning, put about 3 hours on it today. Awesome! Rode it through the worst stuff I could find locally and did manage to get it stuck once.....high centered with all 4 wheels spinning. Buddy and I just picked up the rear end and slid it over a bit so it could grab and I was out of there. Other than that it was a great day with the new machine. The MudLites really grab on to whatever is there. Thanks for all the help, will post pics asap.
My bike was a showroom display bike.I really never thought about it,just went to the dealer and bought it.
I said I'd include pics of the new ride...........Thanks for the all the help guys
Congrats on the new bike man, it looks real good. I like the mud lights on it. I'm thinking about getting some for trail and hunting.
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