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Showing off my new bling bling!

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I put on some ss112's just before mud nationals. Check 'em out...I wish they were still this clean. lol.
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nise bike wish i could do something like that
I was there and love the bike just let me know when you decide to put that IRS, and custom lift in production. I would love for my bike to be that big.
cmon man... do u really need a snorkle? lol nice lookin bike man!
Nice bike man, I saw you in a hole off to the side of the highline and was gonna swing back around and meet you, but was caught in traffic. Nice bike though.
nice bike man.. i will trade u lol... nice bike. wish i could talk my parnets in to goin to mud nats
I like those rims also. I have a set also. SS112 kick @$$ and I love the offset also.
man that is one huge bike, i wish mine was that big. betch you dont get hung up on any rocks or stumps with that eh
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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