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Should you have big mudtires on the front for a 2wd????

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Hey guys,my dad has a 2wd fourman with mudlites on the back and front.He has the bigger tires upfront (wider).I just want to know if its a good idea.
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Having big tires on the front gives you more floatation (keeping you from sinking in the mud) but will make it harder to steer. Since the drive wheels need the most floatation or they will dig themselves to china, I would put the widest tires on the back, and as wide as you feel like steering on the front.
i used to have a 2wd mudder, i tried the wide tires on the front and it was a big mistake. it was alot harder to turn,especialy in the deep mud. the best combo i found that works good is wide tires in the back and tall or just as tall skinny tires in the front. if you are a big time 2wd mudder it will pay to look for good front tires that turn good in muddy conditions. cheap tires are a pain when tying to turn. floatation isnt really as hard to do on 2wd bikes so alot of air in the front tires, insted of airing them to the max, just get taller tires and just run normal preasure in them, it helps some with the turning too.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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