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Should I trade my 03 foreman S for a 06 Foreman S????

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Well iv'e been thinking about trading in my 03 foreman S for a 06. What do you guys think I can get for it on a trade in. It's green with 900 miles on it, it has a 2000 lb warn winch, full floor boards, brand new rims and tires that are stock they were pull offs and it has a warranty until nov 06. So what do you guys think should I trade it in or will i regret it. Check out the pics of it and see what you think about it. Thanks for any replys
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im not going to tell u yea because if yours is fine then i wouldnt trade it.
it is nice to have something new but **** yours looks new!
if it aint broke dont fix it!
Honestly i wouldn't trade it in. I've had mine for a little over 3 years, &
there still ain't any atv that i would trade it for. It ain't the most powerful
or fastest thing out there, but it does everything that i want to do quite well.
Do you think you need more power? Do you want disc brakes? Why are you wanting to trade. I believe the 450 is one of the best atvs ever made. If you are wanting disc brakes then buy the conversion kit. Extreme makes a nice kit. I would keep the 450 and convert the brakes. I believe the 450 is a more durable bike and yours is no were near worn out. I have only seen two 450 that were worn out and both of those bikes had over 10,000 miles on them. There are people that do not maintain them, but it is not that they are worn out.
I was just wanting something new. What do you think mine is worth? I was going to ask $3800 for it. But i'm thinking about keeping it now. It's my first foreman and it's a tank like everyone has said. Thanks for the replys
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