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Should I get a plow?

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Question to you all. I have a AC -D14 tractor with a 6 foot blade for snow that I do 5 driveways with every year. My question is should I spend the money and get a 60 inch blade for the Foreman? I get tired of bending around looking at the blade to see if I am getting into the gravel as I move snow. What would you all do? I would like not to have to be turned around the entire time of moving snow. Also would the Foreman with a 60 inch blade do the 5 drives that are all aorund 300'? Thanks
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couple of questions, where do you live, how much snow, tractor needed, any times that if you did not have a tractor you would be stuck, do you want to be on a four wheeler or a tractor?

Personally I would use the tractor because it is heavier which makes moving snow easier, less wear as diesel's are designed to do a lot of work, and you already have the blade for the tractor.

I bought a used Foreman 450 that was used to plow some snow and gravel. The guy hit something that wouldn't move and punched the gas breaking the 1st gear and some other stuff. A lot happens when you bust the first gear I guess, because it cost me around $1900 to get everything fixed (oil pump, shift fort, main shaft, etc...). It's not worth it if you ask me.
I would not put the wear on my Foreman if I have an alternate way of moving the snow. If you break something and then a big bike run comes up the tractor won't be as much fun.
My vote is for the Plow for the Foreman, Get a 60" Moose "Maybe even the County Verison" and a winch to raise and lower the plow.

You have now taken the tedious task of Snow removal and made it an afternoon spent driving around on the 4 wheeler instead. and you still have the tractor and blade for a back up if the snow gets 2 deep or to push the banks back with.

How many passe's due you make with the tractor for each drive and can you get the Foreman cross way's in front of the garage doors to push away the snow?

you'll have to make more trips with the Foreman but will have all the snow in front of you to watch instead of having to look back all the time and can use the winch to set the blad level and the bigger blades also comes with shoes so you can set the blade height so as to not be digging into the gravel.

good luck sublime out.
Thanks for all the replys. I make two passes with the tractor on the actual drive, then the concrete pad takes a few more. And yes I could get in front of the garage door to push it off. I just don't want to tear up the Foreman, but I think it would be easier on me.
tear up a foreman plowing... not in this life time..
just make a few small passes and your good. i plow in 1st only, and have no issues. best unit for plowing, better then the 350.
a atv could fit in smaller places then a tractor.
Been plowing with atv's for years,using a 48" cycle country on my high mileage 450s.Stick with 1st gear,and make sure the trip springs are set lightly-better the plow tips over than breaking parts.Enjoy...
in light snow the atv will plow faster than the tractor and a lot more fun to drive. i've put mine through alot of abuse and has'nt hurt the atv
Why do you guys plow in first gear? I've been plowing the past 2 years and exclusively plow in second gear. I think I'd be at it all day in first gear, plus sometimes I need the speed if I want to push snow uphill.
Most of what I due is in 1st I don't go far enough to warrant the speed of 2nd gear. alot of my runs are 2 car lengths or less back up and due it again.

I due have a 3 block sidewalk that I due in 2nd gear though that is more fun since you can get the snow rolling off the plow a little better.

just what I due,

sublime out.
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