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SHould I buy an '02 450ES????

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Great site...I am looking to get 1st ATV and found one with low miles for $3500.

Couple of questions.

How does the Electronic shift compare to auto?

Have there been any common problems with this model?

Any issues with the ES shifter?

Thanks in advance for any replies. I hope to be a card carrying member of this forum soon!
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Personally I would never buy another ES model because of all the problems with my wife's Recon ES.But my friend has a 2001 ES and hasn't had any problems.So maybe some have more problems than others.That's my opinion,if the bike was well taken care of it sounds worth the asking price.All of the problems with the ES can be fixed,it's just more expensive to own .
i've only had problems with my ES twice. once because my battery was dead, and the other time i had "donated" my battery to a Kawasaki rider whose battery had died. other than that, it has been a MACHINE !!! " title="Applause" />

p.s. when i did have the 2 problems with the ES, all i had to do was shut it down & pull the rope again. just needed a reboot, i guess!
Thnka for the replies. Well I guess I will find out myself because I pulled the trigger last week. $3200 with 500 miles on it. Had a chance to run it a little by my brother in laws yesterday and pulled him out of some decent mud. I will have to invest in some decent tires and a winch cause I got stuck once when I went through a nice size hole that I had run through about 5 times before and made deeper I guess. Buried it up to the front headlights and needed 2 other 4 wheelers to pull it out. I don't think an F-250 would have done any better so I am pretty happy with it's perfromance.
you did the right thing! once you get some new tires, you probably won't need a winch unless you're goin' really deep. keep us posted...
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