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Well i just finished installing my HL springs and i notice my shocks are gone. Does anyone know of anywhere i can get good pair(all 4) that aren't that expensive. Are the 512 good shocks that can handle alot of weight. Can the HL springs install on the 512. Or is there another brand i should look at.
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The 512's are a complete shock and spring. They would be a good choice if you can return the HL springs. If not it's probably a better idea to get stock replacement shocks. Not sure if aftermarket shocks only are available. If they are I'm sure someone on here can let you know where.
i wanted to add rincon shocks to my foreman .those rinnies are like cadi's .
QUOTE ("vettepin":1n05weww)
i wanted to add rincon shocks to my foreman .those rinnies are like cadi's .

Putting rincon shocks will not make you foreman ride like a rinnie. You should try a Perfex long travel for a better ride.
how come it wont?
Totally different machines. The biggest difference in ride being the IRS with 7.9" of travel compared to the Foremans SRA with 6.7.
H4 is correct. Thanks for answering him H4.
if you never have done it yourself then your just guessing what the outcome will be ......
i think the valving in a rincon shock and the spring rate is alot softer and thats
where the good ride is . the location the shock has some effect but a small one
Vettepin Yes my reply was a guess or opinion as I have not tried the setup you are interested in. Rincon shocks are probably "softer"and will most likely make your foreman ride softer. They also have more travel so you might want to make sure they will fit.
CTE foreman shocks will definately fit , have 5 settings to adjust preload and will definately provide an improvement in suspension that you can easily adjust for different conditions.
It's still my belief that you may get a softer ride by changing the shocks but it won't be the "same" as the Rincon because of the whole Independent Rear Suspension vs Solid Rear Axle deal.
Interested to hear if you make any changes and how they work out.
yeah CTE stocks where a thought but i cant find part numbers for them .
have you seen any #'s ?
Saw a post a while ago that listed part #s & prices. Do a search and you should be able to find it. If not let me know and I'll get the #s from a dealer. Best I can do right now is a pic of them on an 06 Rubicon CTE.
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