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I am from Canada and Honda sells a Canadian Trail Addition Rubicon. Besides the paint and maple leaf the difference is in the shocks. They are adjustable to 5 positions. It almost rides as good as independent. My question is does anyone know the make of these shocks and if there is a better shock for the same money? I am kind of looking at teh Progressive 512. Any reviews, good or bad, on this shock? Thanks again.
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I am curious about the Progressive 512 shocks as well. Anyone have any
or know anything about them? How do they ride compared to others?
Canadian Trail Ed. shocks

I was wondering If we in the States can buy these Canadian Trail Ed. shocks. Does anyone know?
QUOTE ("Railroader":16y66bmp)
I am curious about the Progressive 512 shocks as well. Anyone have any
or know anything about them? How do they ride compared to others?
I don't have the progressive 512 on my rubicon yet, but I will once I get the $$ for them.

I do, however, have them on my foreman. They make a HUGE difference. I got them for a couple of reasons:
1> I plow alote and with the old shocks the front of the foreman used to dip alote when cornering with the blade on. I have the front on the 2nd notch and it is awesome now.
2> I ride 2up. (I know I shouldn't, but I do). We used to bottom the springes out when going across obstacles. Now it is a much better ride, no bottoming out. When solo riding, I usually set the rear shocks on the 1st position (soft) and 2nd position with 2 on the bike. I've actually jumped the bike with both of us on and it didn't bottom out.

The progressive shock are a little pricey, but IMHO are well worth the $$. Like I said, I'm gonna have them on my new rubicon ASAP.

The Honda TRX500FG CTE shocks are:

Front--- 51400-HN2-A22 costs $135.35cdn each
Rear----52400-HN2-A22 costs $195.92cdn each
my couson has the Progressive 512 shocks on his 450. i really dont think they are worth the money, but they do give you about a 1" on lift.
Well, the day after i posted about the 512 shocks, my buddy got some for
his Rubicon. He said they make a big differance. He has both front & rear
set on the softest setting & said it rode much smoother. We rode & Gen. Sams
yesterday & all day long he was sayin' what a differance they make.
Hey Railroader, did you get a chance to ride it and see how it felt yourself.? And did you get any more pics or video's from yesterdays ride?
You and Lady Foreman have some of the best muddin video's I have everyseen on this site.
I didn't get to ride his, but he asked me to. I just got through postin' some
new video's & a few pictures up. I still need to get the ones from my buddy
Kurt. He has the best ones from Saturday. He has the one where i had to
jump in chest deep in mud & water to save Lady Foreman's butt .
from what i was told about the shocks you have to bring back the ones that came with you bike to get new ones.
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