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shock swap

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Will 450 shocks fit on a 400? If so what years will work with what. My bike is a 96 400. Also, will it add some ground clearance, and will the ride be different. And will it put anything in a bind. and, ok enough with the ands. Any help would be appreciated.
thanks in adavance.
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the 450 shocks will fit, they are about 2" longer than the 400 shocks. It will max the front end out on the 400. You can take your 400 rear shock and mount them on the front and run 450 rear shocks and this will not max out you bike. Plus it will give you a pretty good ride. I ran this setup on my old 400 before I upgraded.
Dirty, does the 450 shock fit into the mounts on the 400 ok. and would you do this with or without a lift kit, and would you keep the stock springs on, or can you use highlifter springs.
You might have to adjust the mounts alittle on the front, I think the difference in the 450 shocks are like an 1/8"(wider) between the two shocks and around 2.5" taller. The 450 shocks will lift the bike more than the 400 shocks with a lift. I ran stock springs on mine before I installed a complete 450 front end on my old 400. I changed a-arms, shocks knuckles, and axles. Like I said the 400 rear shocks on front will be all you need and a set of 450 rear shocks for the rear of your 400. If you install the lift kit with the 450 front shocks or 400 rear shocks on the front end, it will put the front end in a bind. You can install lift springs and it will be fine.
Thanks dirty, this is why I love this website. You can get the best answers from people that really know there stuff. Thanks again.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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