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Shinning Up A Foreman 500

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Has anyone discoverd a miracle product for cleaning up your motor on the 500 Foreman? After several rides mine's beginning to look pretty nasty. I'm paranoid about using any type of spray on cleaner...I about ruined a set of wheels a few years ago after I sprayed some sort of wheel cleaner on them. Just curious if anyone has found something that works well. Thanks.
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Eagle one's eching mag wheel cleaner make the motor and rear end look like new. I know you said you were woried about cleaners but i put it on my rancher and had no problem. Just spray on wait 30 seconds and spray off.
Where did you get it from?
any auto parts store i got mine at advance auto.
ALUMA BRITE from NAPA. Cover your plastic before spraying it off though. It will mess up your plastic in an instant!
Mine has been nasty sence the day I got it and I just figured it out this weekend.

Spray the mud off and use some automotive carwash like meguires deep crystal or something.

After it dries get some mothers "back to black" and do that on all the colored plastic. And buff it back off a little.
On all the black Use some Armorall (spelling) wipes and wipe them down really good.

Let me tell you. this thing went from completely gray mudstained to looking almost like new.

The Armorall and back to black does a good job of sealing it aswell. Next time you ride, just hose it off and it looks great again!
Dang, 500Foreman05! Your Foreman is set up about like mine! Same color, same skids, and rear bag seat. Mine has black wheels and bi/tri claws and I painted my side covers black. (Honda stole my design this year!)
Also when using aluminum wheel cleaners, watch out for spraying any steel with it. It makes steel rust instantly it seems! I used to race Honda motocross bikes which have aluminum frames. I used different things over the years to try to restore the NEW look. All my fasteners that were steel would look terrible after I cleaned it. The chain, drive sprocket, every cable end, etc would be rusty about an hour after I cleaned it. If you do use the aluminum wheel cleaner, immediately spray WD-40 or something like it on every steel part close to and below the engine that you did! You'll thank me for it later.
Wow, those armorall wipes work GREAT! My foreman's black stuff always looked like it was dirty and brown even after I washed it with car wash soap multiple times, but with those wipes it looks brand new! It kind of sucks though because now I dont want to ride it and get it dirty
i will have to get some of them wipes for my bike i can even get them clean when the scrub them with a brush and Turtle Wax Car Wash and those of yall that need to get those aluminum wheels clean Turtle Wax Chrome Polish found at any walmart works good. just wash the wheels with water and car wash to get off any lose dirt, wait for dry, get two soft rags and pour a little on the rag and buff it into the wheel, then wait for it two dry and then whip the polish off and buffing out any dirt you missed before. if the wheels are oxidzed then you might need to get a buffing wheel for your power drill.
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