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Shifting question

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Tonight I fell through a beaver trench , after about 1.5hrs of winching I was on my way home. Once I started to head for home I noticed it didn't want to shift into second. I kept pushing button and she finally went. It still doesn't want to shift from first to second very well, almost like it was stuck in first. When I do get it to shift gears it is very brutal. It kind of clunks and is very jerky. When I shift from third to fourth and then to fifth I let off gas inbetween shifting but it really slams into gear. Should I try to adjust my clutch or just take it to the shop. Would a clutch just go out of adjustment without any warning or symptoms. I wasn't thrashing on machine at all so I really don't understand why it is acting up. Trench that I fell into wasn't very deep, tire height I suppose, but do you think water entered shift motor?

Kind of bummed out.........
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I don't know Eric, how long was it under water? I'm sure water could have gotten in someway or another. Maybe let it dry out for a while and see if it still does it.
you had me at beaver trench, sorry had to lol, i dont know much about the es's but i'd be headin to the shop
Really strange, I have been in a lot deeper water without a problem. **** beavers , I was admiring thier destruction. Those things have 3' trenches all over, I think it's the same path they use day in day out and they just keep trudging it deeper and deeper. Thing is, you can't see the trenches because they are under the thin ice................ .
try changing your oil maybe. I know mine always shifts smoother on fresh oil and when i swamped mine the 2 mile ride home on the bad oil was rough. Took it nice n easy.
Hmmm,maybe the angle sensor or it's connector got wet.It's located down low at the front of the motor.Try to get it into a heated garage and then unplug the connectors and reinstall with di-electric grease.
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