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Shifting Gears

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My 06 Forman is far from broke in, all 7 hours and 35 km's have been a riot! The only thing i wonder about is the way it shifts ( my machine is a foot shifter). When it's cold it seems a bit stickey but when warm it's no problem and shifts easily . I suspect that this will get better with a little more break in time? Any of you guys put the rear window of your truck out yet?
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ROBB??? Didn't you do that?
QUOTE ("ClayPick":lpf6k2a0)
............................. Any of you guys put the rear window of your truck out yet?

I've noticed that the 1st gear has a little jump to it.

yeah I knocked the window out of my Colorado, trying to go go fast over some bumps with out it tied down correctly.
But my bike is a little rough at shifting the first couple times then it warms up and its fine. I usually let it ilde for a few mins before riding, then its fine.
my 05 is the same way, 1st and 2nd are stiff when the oil is cool, after it warms up it fine. Also b4 the clutch plate recall it was worse than now.
Mine does it dealer says that after the atv sits for while that the clutch plates stick together and this is perfectly normal.I also have a Recon ES that used to do the same thing,I changed to AMSOIL 0W-40 oil and it's like night and day difference,I'm gonna switch to AMSOIL on the 500 when it gets more miles on it.
I haven't broke the one in my truck yet, but my brother in law did hauling one of mine. I would have by now I am sure but i have a tool box, boy is that thing getting beat to ****. I have to have a little momentum to get it up in that back of my truck so the box usually gets banged pretty good
On my Foreman, it is an 450 Electric Shift. I noticed that when I shift from neutral to first, then first to second, it has a little bit of a jump to it when it is cold.
like they said the oil isnt warmed up yet. with the truck window i have not droke mine yet but i have came very close alot of times but luckly my truck is old and if it would happen it wouldnt matter much. the little trick i use so the 4wheeler will not go through the window is, get some fire wood and block the front tires up so the 4wheeler cant move forward. it works great.
When mine is cold it does the same thing, I even have to reach down and use my hand to shift into 3rd gear sometimes because it is so stiff. After it gets good and warm it shifts pretty good. But I still notice sometimes after the engine is hot I still have a little trouble sometimes shifting from reverse to first.
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