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Shifting Foreman 500 ES

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I have been practicing shifting my new Foreman 500 ES and find it a challenge to upshift smoothly . . . consistently. I try not to rev it and then let off on the gas just before shifting and I still seem to get a somewhat jerky upshift fairly often. It is smoother the higher the gear (probably no surprise) but I would like to consistently shift those lower gears more smoothly. Also I have to let it slow down a lot to keep from revving and jerking on the downshift also (even in the higher gears). I don't want to abuse it and I like to shift smoothly whether I'm driving my car or ATV. Any suggestions? Thanks
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Mine shifts smooth in every gear. You might want to check and see if the clutch needs adjusted.
I found the same when I first started driving the ES. Don't let off for more than a split second then get right back into it, it'll be jerky if you pause too long. Will come real smooth once you get the hang of it.
Shifting ES

Thanks for the replies. I think it is my technique more than mechanical (clutch). I will keep practicing. I want to be real good at it, especially for more technical terrain.
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