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shift problem

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Well to start off with my foreman 500 will shift fine but when you get above 4th it sticks and will not come down in shifting. If you drive it hard it will flash what ever gear you are in 3 times. what is wrong with and and how can i fix it. also does anyones bike shift real hard when you put it in gear? or is it just mine.
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I don't have an answer for your first problem but as far as shifting hard I had the same problem when I first got mine. There is a screw you can adjust to make your shifting easier. It says how to do it in your manual. I did it to mine and now it shifts very smooth. Very easy to do yourself.
Forgot to mention mine is a foot shift - may not be the same on an ES.
QUOTE ("Honda Mechanic":mzwsea16)
Code #3 is an angle sensor code ..
Didnt I see a post somewhere that said the manual shift had no angle sensor?
this one is electric shift. how do i change the angle sensor. Can you just replace it?
do a search in the rubicon area. i've seen multiple posts about it and i believe it is easy to do.
looking at the shift motor it is on the right side. Has a steel cover over it.
ok now it is flashing 6 times what does that mean i wish i had a book on this on i have on on the rubicon is it the same codes?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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