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shift problem

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I have a 99 foreman 450 S, when I shift from nutreal to first the bike jumps a little. any ideas on what I can do to fix this?
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would not worry about it i have two honda's a 300 and 450 and both of them do it
so it's pretty much normal?
yes i think so, i find it worst when the bike is first put into gear and cold..after a short run does not do it till i shut down and start again.....both bikes i have are like it.
hmmm. mine does it every time I shift to first. Regardless of how cold or warm it is.
Heck..My Rincon does the same thing.. I think it's normal in all...
good to hear, thought I had a problem
Mine does it too, although it does it alot harder if the idle is turned up, so you might want to check your idle and turn it down if need be.
mudlord is right, if the idle is alittle high and when the shifter is engaged the clutches are trying to grab. Most riders that play in the mud will idle up there bikes alittle high to help prevent stalling.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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